The club expects its members and their guests, to be smartly dressed, both on the course and/or in the clubhouse. At club functions, smart casual dress is also the norm although there are occasions that demand a different approach, i.e. it can be more informal, or less casual, depending on the event.

Provided below is a useful checklist; also, please note that appropriate spiked shoes are to be worn on the playing areas at all times.

On The Course Or At The Practice Area

What TO Wear:

  • Conventional golf clothing
  • Golf shoes only
  • Shirts with collars
  • Tailored shorts of a respectable length with knee-length socks (of any colour)
  • or with short sports/trainer socks that are predominantly white
  • Peaked caps with peak to the front (removed on entry to the clubhouse)
  • Tailored skirts of a respectable length
  • Women’s collarless shirts with sleeves or shirts with collars and no sleeves

What NOT To Wear:

  • Denims: cargo trousers: cargo shorts: trousers tucked in socks: track suits
  • Printed T-shirts: football, or rugby shirts
  • Plimsoles; tennis shoes; training shoes; and/or non-golfing footwear
  • Women : Brief or strapless sun tops
  • Men: Collarless shirts with sleeves, or sleeveless shirts with collars (however, ‘mock turtle’ collared shirts are acceptable)
  • Any changes of clothing, including shoes, before and after play must be carried out in the men’s or ladies’ dressing rooms, as appropriate

In The Clubhouse

Members, guests and their visitors are expected to look clean and smart/ casual at all times whilst in the clubhouse and, unless otherwise agreed, observe similar adherence to the rules of what is acceptable or unacceptable as stated in the dress code above.

Golf shoes or rubber-soled shoes may only be worn in the club’s Spike Bar but access must not be made other than through the locker rooms.

Tailored shorts may be worn in the clubhouse, except the dining room, and after 7pm can only be worn in the club’s Spike Bar or outside on the terrace. Deck shoes without socks may be worn - except in the dining room (men). Open toe sandals (men) are not permitted.


In certain situations, the afore-mentioned rules may be applied more leniently. In particular, members of the Junior Section are advised to seek further clarification from their Junior Organiser. Additionally, there are times when the rules are relaxed for the main club: notice of such will be relayed accordingly.

For more information, or to obtain the full dresscode please contact the club’s office