Harpenden Golf Club offers members a wide choice of Men’s golf, from formal competition play and knockouts to  general/informal play:

  • Medals
  • Stablefords
  • Scratch formats – inter-club leagues, seniors and county events
  • Foursomes
  • Inter-club matches
  • Knockouts – singles, doubles & mixed
  • Eclectics
  • General, informal, rollups.

There are also sections with the Men’s category for specific groups/events:

  • Rankin Racket – weekly summer evening eclectic competition roll up, with competition, prizes and a dinner afterwards
  • All Brans – weekday group that usually plays twice a week with various competitions and get togethers
  • Bran Buds – weekday group that plays once a week with various competitions and social meetings
  • Drones – a senior section (55 plus and not in full-time employment) of 100+ members, with competitions, inter-club matches, informal lunches and formal dinners with partners
  • WhatsApp – groups of similar minded men playing at regular time(s) of the week on an informal basis.

For further information please contact the club’s office